Cristiano Ronaldo Forced Man United To Spend $250,000

Why did Cristiano Ronaldo Forced Man United?

Cristiano Ronaldo Forced Man United To Spend $250,000. Apparently, Cristiano Ronaldo had a bit of a tantrum at Manchester United. As reported by the mirror when cr7 arrived, he noticed the player’s pool at the training center. The pool was not good enough for him. It was too damaged and Mr. Ronaldo did not like it so what did he do? did he build a pool in his house to compensate for the damaged pool at the training center?

Well, of course, he did he is a Millionaire after all the Portuguese also requested the club to renovate the one at the training center, and of course, United complied. During the season the club restored the Aquatic facilities. The whole thing came to a hefty bill of €235,000.

The Red Devils owe a big thank you to cr7. They will finally be able to train in good conditions for the pre-season. Cr7 would therefore continue at manchester united, their new coach Erik ten Hag even told that he was part of the project for the upcoming season. During the press conference he was asked questions like:

Q. Does Ronaldo fit into his project?
Ans: Of course.
Q. what do you think he can add?
Ans: Ronaldo, he is a GOAT.

The new coach of the red devils is taking a bit of a risk by coaching a club a little lost as united. Erik ten Hag quoted:

I don’t see it as a risk I think this clip has a great history and now let’s make a future and I’m really excited to do that with the people around who are in the club we bring some new people in in the staff we will analyze the squad and we will go from day to day work hard 100 committed and I’m sure we will get a success

Erik ten Hag

That leaves us with the question of how the transfer period for united, which begins on June 10th will play out for them: Paul Pogba, Edinson Cavani, Harry Maguire where will they go.

Did Liverpool Fans Have Fake Tickets?

Moving on to the other news of the day. The mess at the champions league final, Liverpool vs Real Madrid at the Stadium De France. The French minister of the interior and the french minister of sports explained that at least 30,000 people were carrying Fake Tickets which led to total chaos.

Cristiano Ronaldo Forced Man United

Another piece of news has just been released RMC sport revealed that in reality 2,800 Fake Tickets were scanned at the entrance gates of the Studium De France and only at the levels of the doors intended for the English fans. Among these 2,800 Fake Tickets, there may have been some real tickets that have been incorrectly activated.

According to Pierre Barthelemy, the lawyer of French Fan Groups present Saturday at the stadium.

The electronic tickets had to be activated and there were breakdowns computer bugs at the gates that caused some real tickets to be scanned as fake.

Pierre Barthelemy

The lawyer relied on the case of Robertson’s relatives:

I cite as evidence the testimony of Robertson the Liverpool player who gave official tickets to relatives once at the turnstiles they were told that these tickets were fake.

Pierre Barthelemy

The fact that 2,800 tickets were considered fake, does not necessarily contradict the government’s version because, in fact, the 30,000 they put forward is an estimation considered credible by the organization, that manages public transport in France. The organizers of the stud de France, and the police headquarters.

In conclusion, we understand where this number 30,000 comes from. It’s linked to the 2,800 false tickets announced but the problem is that amongst these 2,800 false tickets, there would be some real ones. The French Minister of sports has begun to apologize to Liverpool fans who could not access the final after she received an angry letter sent to her on Monday by Tom Verner.

The president of the reds in any case the french minister of the interior and the minister of sports will have to answer to the senate this Wednesday at 5 pm.

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