Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lebron James Cars Collection 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lebron James Cars Collection is worth Over $40 Million but what happens when they are stacked up against each other. All legendary car collections gotta start somewhere.

Cr7 2000 Audi S3:

In 2004, Ronaldo made his first purchase, at the time he was just a 19-year-old. He was just transferred from sporting to manchester, so he was blessed with over 12 Million Euros and Ronaldo did what any teenager with a check would do. Our boy didn’t always have Rory’s, Lambos, and Bugatti’s.

His 2000 Audi S3 came with a whopping 210 horsepower but all he cared about was that he made it out of poverty and he now had a car that got him from point A to point B.

Lebron Hummer H2:

Ironically LeBron’s car collection began the exact same way but his first car nearly ruined his career. LeBron grew up in the hood of Akron Ohio and his family was struggling so badly, that their only way out of poverty was for LeBron to make it through basketball. So he had no choice and dedicated everything to the game and throughout the early 2000s, LeBron’s high school career started going globally.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lebron James Cars

He was pretty much a lock to become a number one draft pick and instantly make millions of dollars. So that year for his 18th birthday his mom Gloria James took out a $55 000 loan to buy Lebron a birthday present but that decision sparked worldwide controversy. According to an association by law, an athlete forfeits his or her amateur status by capitalizing on athletic fame by receiving money or gifts of monetary value Gloria James claims she gave the vehicle to her son for his 18th birthday.

Later after, though LeBron got his Hummer H2 fully customized with three TVs, PlayStations, and a sound system

Ronaldo Rolls Royce Vision 103EX:

Ronaldo got a serious problem because over the last two decades the man’s racked up over a billion dollars so when he loves a brand, he can’t just buy one of their cars. He has to spend millions and that’s exactly what happened when he laid his eyes on this.

This car is so rare the only other person I know that has one is Justin Bieber. Each of his Rolls-Royces costs around $400,000. So I am sure you can add it up and we all know Ronaldo. Man do post more pictures on Instagram than any girl I know. So of course he’s always seen flexing his collection.

LeBron Rolls Royce Phantom:

when it comes to LeBron, one of his teammates bought him something to make his 25th birthday unforgettable. Back in 2009, while Lebron was in Cleveland, not only was he coming off an MVP season. That year Campbell’s wanted to give him his best chance of winning a championship, so they traded for the most legendary player of his career Shaquille O’Neal

Shank knows a thing or two about winning rings and becoming that successful. One thing he knows is a priority is team chemistry and he wanted to form a solid foundation with LeBron immediately. So coming into December for LeBron’s birthday, shake knew the perfect $400,000 Rolls Royce.

Is anybody gonna talk about how LeBron’s a billionaire but people just hand him hundreds of thousands of dollars money? I ride a bike to work, help me out.

Ronaldo’s $2 Million Ferrari Monza SP1:

In May of 2021, Ronaldo woke up out of a nightmare. He realized an enemy of his Zlatan Ibrahimovic had been the only athlete in the world with a certain car and because of that Zlatan was getting all the attention. We all know Ronaldo man, he just couldn’t live like this so he knew exactly what had to be done and even though it was training day with Juventus.

Ronaldo had an invitation to an exclusive event and while most people drive themselves or at least uber Ronaldo built different, he went there by helicopter and get this piece.

I know what you’re thinking like what’s so special about this car. Well, it ain’t just a hundred thousand or two hundred thousand dollars Ferrari. This is a limited edition two million dollars super Ferrari Monza sp1.

You won’t know it’s even crazier than that, it isn’t even close to the only Ferrari Ronaldo owns. The man has been spotted flexing his rare 500,000 Ferrari F12 and he even had a 400,000 Ferrari 599 GTO but as expensive as this car was. Back in 2008 his car nearly cost Ronaldo his life, At the time Ronaldo was only 23 years old so the fact that he made it out of this alive and became arguably the greatest football player ever, was a miracle and I thought he’d never buy a supercar again but come on man it’s Ronaldo.

At the time Ronaldo was only 23 years old. so the fact that he made it out of this alive and became arguably the greatest football player ever was a miracle and i thought he’d never buy a supercar again but come on man it’s Ronaldo

LeBron’s $300,000 Ferrari 430 Spider:

Ever since he’s been cashing out big but just relaxing. He is not the only athlete who likes to go five times the speed limit outside of basketball that’s one of LeBron’s favorite activities, and cuz he is a king of the court and the streets. Back in 2009, LeBron knew exactly what he needed in his collection, At the time he only had two cars, an all-white range rover, and a blacked-out hummer. So when unique auto sports found out that in LeBron’s life he’d never gotten a speeding ticket they had to customize him something special.

Hold up this man got a $300,000 Ferrari with his own logo on it. once LeBron sat down in this custom Ferrari, he felt a feeling like never before and he knew right then and there the adrenaline from driving a car that fast was permanently in his DNA. He knew that once he finally won a ring he needed a car collection fit for a champion.

LeBron’s $300,000 Ferrari 430 Spider:

Fast forward to 2014, LeBron was playing for the Heat, coming off two straight championships, and usually, he doesn’t need any extra motivation to dominate the NBA but he decided to give himself an extra push to try. So as he always does he deactivated social media and dedicated every day to the gym and he bought himself this.

All I know is with Ferrari’s like these, there’s no excuse for either Ronaldo or LeBron to be late for practice but listen man this is where things are about to get crazy. LeBron and Ronaldo have cars that nobody else in the entire world does.

Ronaldo’s $15 Million BUGGATI CENTODIECI:

Because Ronaldo went on a $15 million shopping Spree. One company literally made him the face of their brand. Now if there’s one thing I made clear about Ronaldo it’s that when he loves a certain car he takes things to the extreme, and well as the years went on going 200 miles an hour just wasn’t enough. This man needed a car that he could not only flex on Instagram.

He needed a car worth waiting in line for to become the first person to buy it in the entire world. In 2020, Ronaldo got a phone call, a certain company noticed just how much attention he was getting for buying their cars, after all, he would spend over $5 million.

when the company broke news to Ronaldo that they were dropping something exclusive and they personally wanted to invite him to be the first buyer ever. Ronaldo knew immediately there was no way he could live with himself he didn’t spend 12 million dollars on this:

Did you see that thing? How can Ronaldo just be casually driving down the street in a $12 Million car? It looks like a spaceship and just when I think things can’t get any crazier than that we ain’t finished yet.

LeBron’s $15 Million CHEVROLET IMPALA:

Back in 2014, the Miami lifestyle literally started taking over LeBron’s life. The parties, palm trees, beaches, one thing was very clear LeBron was no longer living in a dump like Cleveland. So was he gonna drive like he was rovers Porsches, Ferraris? He’s been there done that LeBron decided to go west coast on him and even though we were in 2014, he threw it all the way back to 1975 and he got this thing.

Imagine this thing driving down the street man I would be tripping out but that’s LeBron for you.

LeBron’s $15 Million CHEVROLET IMPALA:

The same year, Lebron was planning on dropping a brand new Nike shoe, the LeBron XI, and if you know anything about his sneakers. It’s that he comes out with colorways for every situation, so now living in Miami, LeBron wanted to create something exclusive and that’s when Nike planned to drop for his personalized LeBron everglades. They didn’t just want this to be any old drop like King LeBron, however, they wanted to do something never been done before. Completely redesigned a $600,7000 Car to look like the shoes.

What if I told you it’s not even close to the most expensive cars on this list.

Ronaldo’s $700,000 BRABUS GV12:

In 2020, Ronaldo’s girl Georgina knew that she’s been by his side for years. So she felt he deserved something special and took one look at their garage. All she saw were Bugatti’s, Ferraris, Lambos, literally over 20 million dollars but it was still missing something.

She thought what if it’s Snowdown what was Ronaldo going to do then. One day while Ronaldo was at practice, Georgina hopped on her computer and she found the perfect $700,000 gift, coming into Ronaldo’s 35th birthday while they were walking to dinner he got this:

This is not just a typical Mercedes g wagon, this is a BRABUS GV12 and it can go nearly 200 miles an hour but as big as this was for Ronaldo.


LeBron 2020 was even bigger and it led to him buying the most expensive cars of his life. Even though, COVID-19 hit and delayed one of LeBron’s best NBA seasons. He knew if he came back to play anything short of a championship was unacceptable even if he was forced to dedicate life to the NBA’s bubble for a hundred days.

So in October, LeBron was faced with his biggest obstacle and at times he nearly gave up but he fought through the impossible to win his fourth championship. Lebron knew he had to celebrate the champagne, parades, and parties. it was all a given he needed to blow a bag and that’s when he went out and spent over a $1 million on this:

This Mercedes G650 landaulet is one of the rarest SUVs in the entire world but spending 1.4 million on this just wasn’t enough. LeBron bought this to just chill and enjoy the offseason in his new whip.


He then signed a two-year extension with the LAKERS and made himself an extra 85 million dollars. So he had to celebrate. Lebron could have just invited people over drank, some wine, and maybe jump in the pool but LeBron’s built differently. He knew he couldn’t live with himself so he didn’t spend at least another $2 million and that’s when he copped the fastest street-legal car in the entire world.

A Porsche 918 spyder and this thing’s faster than any Bugatti, Lamborghini, or McLaren that Ronaldo owns. It was obvious LeBron’s been taking this car competition seriously. Now okay, a $2 million car is a way to celebrate there’s no way LeBron spent any more money right? wrong just see.


LeBron spent a lot of that time in Orlando, reflecting on the last 20 years of his life, looking back he realized his life changed drastically. Since he was a teenager so there was one final purchase, one more car he just had to have and he threw it all the way back to where things first began.

LeBron’s really still in love with his Hummers but this isn’t anything like the first one he got this is a hummer EV electric super truck, this thing daniel puts tesla’s cyber truck to shame.

Ronaldo’s $19 Million BUAGATTI LA VOITURE NOIRE:

Ronaldo thought, this man’s got a serious illness and at times it takes over his life. Ronaldo is literally allergic to buying expensive supercars. He just can’t sleep at night and when he heard about LeBron’s car collection, he wanted to put an end to things once and for all. So he pulled out his phone and called up his dealership and he told them, he needed to buy the most expensive car in the entire world.

A $19 Million, 236 miles an hour, only 10 ever made Bugatti. So I think it’s safe to say LeBron lost another championship. All right now cars like these are worth over 40 million dollars. Do you think athletes don’t buy anything else? wrong 500,000 watches, $14 million helicopters, 32 million private jets, don’t lie to me. I know you want to hear more about that so click this link: Stupidly expensive things football players own.

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