Famous Footballer’s Diet Routine

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most famous footballer’s diet routines. Such as Messi, Lewandoski, Cristiano Ronaldo, and many more.

Messi’s Diet:

Most football players eat healthily but Messi’s diet almost killed him. In 2003 when Messi arrived in Barcelona, Messi was addicted to junk food and as the years went on his diet only got worse. It was rumored that if someone put fruit vegetables or salad on Messi’s plate he’d literally walk out of the room.

After hitting the gym or playing a game instead of eating something nutritious Messi needed fast food and worst of all coca-cola.Things were getting bad because Messi couldn’t go a single day without soda and one day out of nowhere this turned into a serious problem.

Footballer's Diet Routine

He woke up sick one day but getting ill out there on the field and shocking the world, it was the wake-up call he needed. So not long after Messi visited his doctor and explained just how bad junk food was taking over his life. At that moment Messi and the doctors realized that if he didn’t change his diet his career and his life were over.

So Messi vowed to change for his fans and luckily he had the right support it started with Barcelona’s manager removing every vending machine in the club’s training ground and not long after Messi hired a nutritionist to force himself into a healthy diet ever since Messi changed his ways he’s not only any longer sick he’s taking his career to another level.

Max Kruse Diet:

In 2016, Max was in a predicament while playing for Wolfsburg, he was having one of the worst seasons of his career. His coach was heeded because not only was Max playing badly, his entire life was falling apart from being caught gambling to stealing someone’s phone who took a pic of him.

Max’s coach was beyond fed up. He was only giving max one more chance to make things right. A few months before during training camp, everybody was concerned about max’s diet because not only was he eating unhealthy, he had a weird obsession this man literally couldn’t eat a single meal without Nutella.

Footballer's Diet Routine

At the beginning of the season, every single one of max’s teammates made a promise to become the best football player ever, so no junk food. The entire team was committed to becoming legendary he still couldn’t go a single day scratch that a single meal without Nutella.

when max showed up to practice slobbering all over the spread for breakfast that was the final straw. when his coach saw just how bad the addiction was, it was time to let max go, and Wolfsburg not only kicked him from football just because he couldn’t give up the tree, they decided let’s also spread this man a $28,000 fine.

Sergio Ramos Diet:

In 2003, Ramos came into pro football as a shy skinny 17-year-old kid. Nobody expected him to become great anytime soon, not even him so from that point on even though he thought he couldn’t live without him he sacrificed all those late-night McDonald’s to make double his gains for the next 15 years.

He only had one goal on his mind to get better every single year. He completely transformed his body and went from being skinnier to one of the most ripped and legendary athletes ever. In 2020, Sergio Ramos decided to get off his lazy ass himself just because he was putting in all these extra hours, all this hard labor.

He made sure to buy food to turn himself into a freak of nature and he found the meals that worked. Ramos dedicated himself to a breakfast of champions four times per week. He whips up some coffee all black, then he slammed down some whole grain bread with turkey breast eggs, and fruit.

He goes through his most difficult workouts without eating a single thing but hey he ain’t a complete psychopath just like most people after work our boy has to celebrate a bit that’s when he drinks his favorite strawberry protein shake and as far as lunch and dinner goes he slaps together some salad fish and steak.

Masahiko Inoha Diet:

In 2006, while playing in japan this man was determined to become one of the greatest players ever but he played so badly. He wasn’t contributing to winning games he said to find another way to go viral and that’s when he decided to try and become just like my dad.

He took his diet to another level, not once not twice but three times per day. He has to eat entire containers of ice cream. He really thinks dessert is gonna make him a better player but he tried every single flavor in history. Just imagine going down in the history books more known as an ice cream expert than your career of being a pro athlete.

Robert lewandowski’s Diet:

Robert Lewandowski’s wife put something in his mouth it turned him into one of football’s greatest players. In 2006, he already had astronomical expectations and it was all Lewandowski’s parents’ fault cause in their primes, they were star athletes.

So coaches assumed, it was in his genes to become something extraordinary but there was one big problem Lewandowski was a weak scrawny 17-year-old kid with sticks for legs. That year even though he led the polish 3rd division with 15 goals. Legia warsaw looked at him as a liability so they released it.

Lewandowski could’ve let this get to him and just gave up but instead it only fueled him and from that moment on, he made his life’s mission go down. Lewandowski decided to calculate his life to perfection with his diet, training, and sleep.

So when he came into the big leagues instantly averaged 20 goals a season. There was no way it was a coincidence but in 2013 came the biggest blessing of his life. That year, he found and married the perfect girl and it’s funny cause not only was she an athlete.

She was known worldwide for being a fitness guru, sleep expert, and nutritionist. Even though Lewandowski was dominating the world’s top athletes, anna introduced him to the world’s best formulas for muscle recovery and peak performance.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Diet:

It is easy to take one look at Ronaldo and think getting a six-pack like he is impossible. Throughout his teen years and into his time in manchester, he was just a skinny Portuguese kid so he needed to bulk up and Ronaldo knew that to earn their respect or better yet become an all-time great player.

In 2009, when he signed a Real Madrid, he went to a restaurant if his steak came out with even a gram of fat he damns near squared up with the waiter so that’s why Ronaldo gave up he hurt his own personal chef and literally forced himself to eat the same plain jane meal six times per day.

He has 7% body fat. That’s 3% less than the average football player and right now dude just hit 36. He has the physique of a 20-year-old so uh yeah the dire works but after all, Ronaldo’s not actually a robot. He has a little fun because he wants little Ronaldo jr to have a childhood.

They do occasionally bond over some cheat meals and some of the boy’s favorites are movie nights with pizza and ice cream but if Ronaldo lets himself take things that far. As soon as his son goes to bed, he has to torture himself with some extra ab workouts.

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