INSANE Stories Football Players Don’t Talk About 2022

Once you’re in a Porsche going 160 miles an hour then calling all the units. These are the insane stories, football players don’t talk about.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic:

By the time Zlatan turned 19, he was already one of Sweden’s most wanted. Let me explain, growing up Zlatan just didn’t even know any better because his mom was incarcerated and his dad was an alcoholic who could barely afford food.

So, Zlatan grew up starving and desperate for money acceptance and making a way out and he made himself a promise that if he ever saw that light at the end of the tunnel, he’d never let off the gas but that promise led to the wildest night of his life.

Once Zlatan became a teenager, he was on a mission to accomplish two goals: becoming a pro football player and when you come from my neighborhood, the first thing you wanted was to have a cool car [zaltan said in his interview]:

But playing in youth football clubs and struggling to make a name just wasn’t getting the job done. He started committing crimes stealing bikes and shoplifting but once he got his first taste of cash and the adrenaline, that came with it became an addiction. So his football career began diminishing, as his love for the game slipped but his life was a crime.

It helped him survive long enough to accomplish one of his goals. I bought a Porsche turbo with my last money right when he bought that it became his biggest mistake I was driving around I was driving fast because I like the adrenaline then suddenly police was chasing me so I ask you now do you think I stopped or not I did it I drove.

I found a tune tunnel underneath the highway and I was waiting there and they kept going Zlatan’s heart was beating out of his chest because somehow he got away but that night when he lay in bed his entire life flashed before his eyes and Zlatan was scared because that feeling of adrenaline was something he could never let go.

So right then and there he told himself to instead channel that killer instinct on the field chase his other goals and become one of football’s most lethal strikers and now when you see Zlatan dominating just know that one night that one decision created a legend.


In 2017, he was setting records on and off the field but deep down Lukaku had a secret. Even though he was playing in Everton, his heart just wasn’t on the field. All Lukaku could think about was how his playing days in Everton reached their peak and also a text from his boy so, lukaku thought long and hard and he realized it was time for a change.

So on July 1st lukaku gambled with his career and demanded a transfer and planned a vacation cause what better place to think things through and let off some steam than the number one-party state in America so lukaku packed his bags, hopped on a flight, and fled the country.

Lukaku and his boy pogba pulled up in Beverly hills rented a mansion you only see in movies and anxiously waited on lukaku’s transfer until it was official lukaku and pogba were teammates and we all know these guys man they were just about to call it a night they had to celebrate.

So right then and their things got it. yeah things really got that crazy and well the neighbors could have handled the music but when they looked up and saw dirt bikes soaring through the air that was the final straw they called the cops over and over and over until the sixth time and that’s when they pulled up.

Now if you know anything about la police it’s that when gets wild they got a zero-tolerance policy so right when they came through lukaku was arrested but our boy’s lucky man because his millions of dollars didn’t just buy him a mansion it bought him lawyers so all it cost lukaku was fine.

Sergio Ramos:

But what Sergio Ramos did almost cost him his life. Ramos has always been wild and grew up in Sevilla. Ramos wanted to risk it all for the thrill but his parents were concerned that one day they’d hear of a devastating accident so they forced Ramos’s older brother to step in and convince him to try out football putting him in a youth club but to Ramos playing a sport like this it was just never enough.

He was thriving and yet he just felt like this sport lacked the danger. So even though his parents in the club forbid him from biking, He chose to live recklessly and do it secretly it became an addiction because whenever he gripped their handlebars.

He felt invincible until one mistake made him pay the ultimate price foreign know against all odds Ramos not only went under-recovery he became a greater football player than he ever imagined and you’d think coming face to face with death he would have given up his biking dream but here we are in 2021 and Ramos just couldn’t help himself so let’s just hope he doesn’t end up in the ER again.

Virgil Van Dyke:

Like the time a football player was one day healthy, the next day dying and doctors had no explanation because in 2010, Virgil van dyke wasn’t yet the football player he wanted to be but the problem was his time was running out. Van dyke’s family was struggling so he worked as a part-time dishwasher to help put food on the table and that’s when he was forced to make his life’s toughest decision.

Things at the restaurant were getting hectic and van dyke’s manager faced him with an ultimatum it was either his job or his dreams but van dyke knew that he’d never be able to live with himself if he didn’t try so it was a no-brainer he hung up his apron and risked it all and luckily he did.

That year, he switched positions and started dominating football, and eventually he was offered the deal of a lifetime being transferred to a dutch pro club and invited to play for the Netherlands national team so the future was looking bright but one day out of nowhere his teammates noticed he was acting weird out there on the pitch van dyke was tired and looked kinda sick.

So he probably just caught a cold right well he let everyone know that it was probably best for him to just head home to rest and recover back to hot 97 speaking of fire you subscribe to that channel van Dyke started to feel so nauseous he took a detour and pulled up to a hospital but when the doctors took a look everything seemed normal.

So they told van dyke to head home and just sleep it off big mistake because while he was laying down van dyke felt like he got stabbed in the chest and could barely stand up so now he was scared for his life but luckily that’s right when mama van dyke pulled up to check on him and right when she walked in he was battling just to survive so she had no choice right.

When the doctors saw van Dijk’s condition they immediately rushed into the er because he was fading away he was dazed and confused and while he could barely see or even speak the doctors had him sign a will and they told mom you know hope for the best but be prepared for the worst because it was time to put him out as misery when they opened him up it turned out van dyke’s appendix burst his stomach.

His kidneys were infected he was literally dying and if this was anybody else their story would have ended right there but van dyke he’s built differently a few hours later van dyke woke up and everything felt like a dream but the doctors came in and let him know he was seconds away from death and they saved his life so van dyke made a promise that he wasn’t going to take his blessing for granted cause anything can happen at any moment.

Ignazio Barbagallo:

like the player who got kidnapped in the middle of a football game yeah that really happened back in 2019 we were in Sicily home of the mafia and a group of ski mass maniacs were looking to make history cause they knew not just any football game was taking place it was a championship and all the spotlight was gonna be on this guy.

It was the final match of his career and when the criminal organization heard about an opportunity to go viral it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to add up that this game was about to get crazy and well the crowd was hyped because this hometown team was about to be crowned champion but nobody wanted more than Ignazio Barbagallo.

Because he was looking to get one final win before saying goodbye to the game but little did he know he should have said goodbye to everyone and everything uh Ignazio wanted to go out with a bang but I don’t think this is what he meant things went from football to GTA real quick.

So the kidnapping turned into an all-out investigation where the entire city’s police departments were on the hunt and until they found out the truth for three months all the city’s football competitions were banned because this was Italian football’s craziest controversy but it turned out Ignazio planned the whole thing yeah.

Cristiano Ronaldo:

He wanted to make the news kinda reminds me of the girl who’s been secretly ruining Ronaldo’s life. It was in 2017, Ronaldo just cashed a check for $3 Million, and his phone was ringing non-stop. Ronaldo jumped on his jet but this is where the problem started.

Ronaldo was flying in and out of Madrid so damn much if he had to book one more flight he was going to get a real-life red car you really think he’s trying to book his own flights what is he a normal person. He needed to put his trust in a travel agency that could easily book his flights on the schedule

So a company connected with one of their top representatives a 53-year-old woman maria silva hey Ronaldo it’s maria I heard your schedule was getting pretty messy so let’s work and after their discussion, these two built a strong bond so Ronaldo felt at ease handing over his banking information.

But the woman he was dealing with wasn’t who he or the travel agency thought she was for years Ronaldo’s traveled with no problems from country to the country he’s taken some vacations and life was good but one day he got a call from his account that made his heart skip a beat the accountant noticed something suspicious about Ronaldo’s bank statements.

He knew Ronaldo’s schedule and where he’d be every day but somehow the statements told a different story there were flights to Russia Angola the united states when Ronaldo was nowhere near there so they had to get to the bottom of this before it was too late the two met up they talked and Ronaldo agreed to meet with his lawyer because there wasn’t just a crime taking place someone literally stole his identity.

So Ronaldo contacted law enforcement and they set up an investigation before Ronaldo’s millions of dollars in savings were torched so these detectives made Ronaldo a promise that they weren’t gonna sleep till they found the perpetrator the detectives dug deep connected the dots and narrowed down the suspects until all things pointed in the same direction.

A travel agent for years maria was dealing with a long list of VIP clients and their million-dollar bank accounts meanwhile she was struggling to even stack a couple thousand so when the opportunity came to work with a billionaire she couldn’t see past Ronaldo pulling up in Bugatti’s flexing diamond watches and racking in millions every month so maria not only wanted that lifestyle.

She needed it and Ronaldo was the perfect victim so once these two connected it was just a matter of time before she abused her power and committed fraud maria thought she was slick cause when booking her client’s flights instead of sending the cash to her company account.

She sent the money to herself pocketing the fees and guess what she used ronaldo’s bankroll to pay for all the flight costs and obviously when you look at it it wasn’t as smooth as she thought it cause the whole time maria was leaving a paper trail but she never thought ronaldo would notice thousands missing.

So at first he unknowingly paid for over 200 flights but after racking up over 300 000 in plane tickets ronaldo’s accountant finally caught on and alerted law enforcement so once the detectives cracked the case maria was arrested and sentenced to four years in prison but if that wasn’t bad enough once she’s released she’ll even be forced to pay the 300 000 back so i don’t know what’s the bigger punishment a fine like that or spending four whole years not being able to click this video right here

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