Most Expensive Cars Of Football Players 2022

Expensive Cars Of Football Players like Diamond-covered Rolls-Royce’s, 33 million dollar Ferraris, and from there it only gets crazier. These are the most expensive cars of soccer players.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s $12 Million Ferrari La Ferrari:

You can’t bring up spending millions without mentioning Aubameyang. Not only were his cars expensive, but they were also controversial. In his 14 years of pro football, he’s racked up over 80 million dollars and this man spent every cent on his whips. He literally got a solid gold Lamborghini, an Audi R8, Range Rover, and a Porsche but nothing compares to his 2 million dollar masterpiece.

Expensive Cars Of Football Players

It looks like he’s living GTA in real life. This LA Ferrari comes with a v12 engine, has a top speed of 220 miles per hour, and can go zero to 124 faster and you can watch a TikTok (: Now personally I thought the paint job was pretty crispy but his fans were pissed. It’s pretty known in the car community to keep a La Ferrari, the traditional red so when Aubameyang took to Instagram and posted his pearlescent chrome and got his ass roasted.

People were saying things like I didn’t think ruining a La Ferrari was possible and that it looked like a little kid picked his paint job but Aubameyang responded exactly how you’d expect: Saying hate me I love me we don’t give a shit. He made sure to surprise his haters with something special. He got his $300,000 Lamborghini Huracan wrapped the exact same way then he let all the trolls know that to live like him. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang comes 4th on the list of having the most expensive Cars Of Football Players.

Neymar’s $4.5 Million Lamborghini Veneno:

I found out Neymar, has cars that literally nobody else in the entire world can buy. He makes around $100 million every single year. What is crazy is Neymar is known for his whips. He can’t even drive down the street without a crowd running after him. Neymar would cop a car that would blend in or just uber everywhere right.

Well back in 2019, he signed a 200 million dollar deal. He decided Audi’s, Ferraris, and Bugatti just weren’t flashy or expensive enough. He wanted something that nobody could buy and that’s when he found a $4.5 Million supercar he couldn’t live without.

Expensive Cars Of Football Players

This thing looks like a damn spaceship, Lamborghini Veneno has a v12 engine that can go 221 miles per hour and there are only five of these in the entire world but you wanna know what’s crazier than that, it’s not even the fastest car he owns. Later that year, Neymar decided it was necessary to spend a few more million because $4 million on a single car didn’t dent his bank account enough.

So he bought Lycan Hypersport. It might transform and fly away his Lycan Hypersport came with a twin-turbo F6 Engine with 780 horsepower and can go 245 miles per hour. I’d like to see a cop try and pull this thing over, there’s a reason they put his car in fast and furious now 8 million dollars on two cars things don’t get crazier than that. Neymar comes 3rd on the list of having the most expensive Cars Of Football Players.

Messi’s $33 Million 1955 Ferrari Spyder:

Leona Messi’s cars cost him $50 million and one of his cars is literally illegal. Messi’s been known for his Audi and Maserati but in 2015, he decided to spend $2 million to celebrate, and with that, he bought one of the rarest cars in the entire world.

Messi’s Pagani Roadster has a v12 engine, six-speed transmission, and can go 208 miles per hour. That’s really fast enough for a plane to take off. But as happy as Messi was when he bought it as soon as he drove it off the lot cops pulled him over.

They also told him his car is so dangerous. It’s not even allowed on the road, I just hope he can get his money back otherwise. He spent $2 million for nothing but to do the math he’s still got $48 million of whips in his garage and more than half of that was on a single car.

Expensive Cars Of Football Players

Back in 2016, Messi got an anonymous tip that the owner of his dream car was finally selling it so he dropped everything raced to his private jet, and flew to the car’s auction in Paris and got his dream car. Messi comes 2nd on the list of having the most expensive Cars Of Football Players.

Ronaldo’s $12 Million Bugatti Centodieci:

Now Ronaldo already got over 22 million dollars in cars I’m talking. He’s got so many that he literally lost count. He doesn’t even know what’s in his garage ridiculous. Now what’s crazy, is half the money he spent was on his Bugatti collection. Back in my day people collected baseball cards, this dude collects million-dollar cars and forgets about them.

In 2016, he spent $2 million to go 253 miles an hour in his all-black Bugatti Veyron, and just a year later, he spent another $3 million on a Silver and Black Bugatti chevron this time with customized cr7 headrests on the seats, his Logo on the left-hand side and Ronaldo got so much attention for buying Bugattis.

The company wanted him to become the face of their brand now with Ronaldo already copying two Bugatti. Is it really a surprise that in 2020 when Bugatti released their rarest car yet Ronaldo was first in line and he decided there was no way he could live with himself and he finally got this:

Expensive Cars Of Football Players

Bugatti Centodieci came with an 8-liter w16 engine and can go 236 miles per hour, not to mention there are only 10 of this car in the entire world now even though Ronaldo spent 17 million just on Bugatti’s. He spent even more millions on cars for a rainy day. If you wanna know more about Cristiano Ronaldo’s cars collections, compared to Lebron James check this out: Cristian Ronaldo vs Lebron James Cars Collection.

Back in 2019 after winning the Serie A championship, Ronaldo wanted to spend some millions to celebrate and that’s when he spent over $900,000 on a limited edition, McLaren Senna. It came with a twin-turbo v8 engine and was designed to look like a shark.

Speaking of cars that go over 200 miles/hr what would a car collection be without a couple of Lamborghinis, as you could have guessed those are some of Ronaldo’s favorites. He spent over $300,000 twice on Lamborghini Aventadors one all white and another all black.

I hope you will find this article useful. Those are the craziest expensive cars of soccer players all the time.

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