Most Expensive Houses of Football Players 2022

Most Expensive Houses of Football Players. $20 million Penthouses, $50 million Mansions, and from there it only gets crazier these are the most expensive houses of soccer players.


Now you can’t bring up spending millions without mentioning Neymar because, In 2020, he made $95 Million. He blew $10 million on a house that you can literally land a helicopter on. He literally living on a movie set.

Neymar’s Mansion sits in the gated community of portobello and with six bedrooms and bathrooms, an underground wine cellar with over 3,000 bottles, and a gym, big enough for his entire PSG team. His house is damn near a hotel.

But the outside is where things get crazy. It not only has a tennis court but a beach and a volleyball court too and would it really be a celebrity’s home without a ridiculous pool. He got that it’s Neymar, but he’s special.

Neymar’s the only pro athlete that can land a helicopter and dock an 8 million dollar yacht in his backyard dudes living like a king and well with a home like that, I didn’t think you could top it.


But then I found out about lionel Messi. He not only bought the rarest mansion in Barcelona, however, he literally bought his entire neighborhood. In 2020, Messi made more money than LeBron Stephen Curry and Tiger Woods.

He’s been blowing a bag and not only does he buys more cars than I buy shoes, dude literally bought a $9 million mansion. That’s so exclusive that the president banned planes from flying over it.

Anyways, Messi has everything an athlete needs on the inside. Messi’s got an entire floor dedicated to his personal gym. I’m talking about treadmills, benches, dumbbells, and an entire wall commemorating Muhammad Ali.

No wonder Messi’s a six-time balloon d’Or winner, he wakes up every single day and is reminded to become a legend but how many soccer players can actually say they got an entire room in their house dedicated to basketball.

Back in 2013, Messi’s neighbors rented their house to a bunch of college kids, and one night things went way too far. Messi was laying down after a heartbreaking loss so all he wanted was to get some rest but all he could focus on, was the pool party, next door music, blasting cars, drag racing, and kids jumping off the roof like a project X.

Messi opened up his phone checked his bank account and he saw $600 Million, and he realized he was worth way too much to deal with all that. At that time, he let them have their fun for one final night but the next morning he bought every single one of his neighbors houses. He really spent over $20 million just for peace.

David Beckham:

Well, David Beckham’s homes cost more than Messi’s entire neighborhood see throughout David’s career he made over 800 million dollars and if you know anything about him it’s that he’s addicted to flexing and that’s why he copped the most expensive penthouse of any athlete ever damn man’s putting my GTA character to shame Jesus christ now I know what you’re thinking how can I get an apartment like that well it’s the easy man all you got to do is become one of the greatest soccer players in history and throw 28 million dollars his way then you can live like David Beckham.

Expensive Houses of Football Players

Maybe uh well to be honest there’s no way I’d give this up if I were him so you might be out of luck but anyways his Miami crib is at the top of a 700-foot tall skyscraper where you have an insane view of the Miami skyline and Biscayne Bay.

His 10 000 square foot apartment came with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms and as a thank you for the 28 mc spent on this place it came fully furnished but the best parts about living in this masterpiece are the four pools one on the inside and on the 61st floor and the three on the outside by the palm trees but see David’s lucky man he’s even got a two-floor personal gym a movie theater and just in case any of you weirdos try to sneak in he’s got a helipad with a helicopter on the roof.

And with that, he could take a flight to his even crazier house a 33 million dollar mega mansion just look at this man this dude’s got more houses than I got matches on tinder must be nice oh uh uh you weren’t supposed to see that but for real, I can’t even hate on this man right after he signed to the galaxy on a 250 million dollar contract he celebrated and cop this Los Angeles mansion six bedrooms nine bathrooms an elevator library.

Dudes even got a recording studio but anyways palm trees surrounding the entire property give David plenty of privacy whenever he pulls up in his Rolls-Royces Bentleys and Ferraris and if he’s ever feeling like throwing the pool party of a lifetime he’s got that in the back too but the craziest part is all of this is nothing compared to…

Cristiano Ronaldo:

Cristiano Ronaldo yeah some athletes caught mansions Ferraris diamond rollies but Ronaldo said hold my beard imma do something none of y’all can do dudes literally the only pro athlete with a house on his own private island dude not only spent over 50 million on houses he spent another 50 million to live on his own island bro I don’t even know if I’ll make rent this month and dude’s how you’re doing that I should have gone to college or something.

But uh right when he cashed out on this he had to flex it to his 284 million Instagram followers and let him know yeah it’s really his island but uh I know what you’re thinking like where’s dude living on it well you already know he copped something crazy or just took it since it’s his own island.

I mean I don’t know how long has worked there I have no idea, to be honest, but anyways Ronaldo spends time there at his villa with a rooftop pool, and uh he’s got the perfect view of the Atlantic ocean so it’s a nice little escape if he wants to get away from his mansions in Italy and Portugal.

But listening to 50 million dollars on homes may seem like a lot but what he did for his family is worth way more than that and it all started when he grew up in Portugal see as a kid Ronaldo’s family was down pretty bad they moved from house to house they starved I mean they even had to share beds like it was crazy but one-day Ronaldo he woke up and he said you know enough is enough man he was tired of seeing his parents struggling so bad so he made them a promise to become the greatest soccer player ever and to never see them hungry again.

But that’s when it happened when Ronaldo was only 15 years old he was rushed to the hospital and doctors came to realize his heart was beating out of control so they had to make a split-second decision if they didn’t perform surgery immediately not only would Ronaldo’s career be over so would his life and his family might never make it out so the doctors went to work the surgery was a success and even though Ronaldo’s condition was something he never could have predicted after a few weeks.

He recovered back to a hundred percent but one thing was still on his mind the promise he guaranteed his family he would make it and he wasn’t gonna disappoint he knew that his life could have ended at any second so the fact that he could wake up and still play the sport he loved he knew there was no way it could be a coincidence and from that point on he sacrificed everything.

He trained day and night for his family and as the years went on eventually Ronaldo did it he turned himself into one of soccer’s most legendary players but most importantly he gets to share that success with the family who got him here. We see Ronaldo in his 10 million dollar mansions, pulling up in his Bugatti but he made sure that his mom, sisters, and brother all were taken care of first and got a roof above their heads before his own and that’s worth more than any house any athlete could ever buy.

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