Reason Behind Gerard Piqué And Shakira’s Break-up

The REAL Reason Behind Gerard Piqué And Shakira’s Break-up. where did all that love go? After more than a decade Gerard Piqué and Shakira confirmed their breakup because of an affair. Some even say, there is a family member of another Barcelona player involved.

Was it for jealousy or is there something else? several rumors are now circulating and we will try to understand why one of the world’s most famous couples put an end to their relationship. Gerard pique and Shakira met for the first time in 2010, a month before the world cup in South Africa.

I told her the very first day that we would meet in the final i was brave as always she would sing the world cup’s anthem in the ceremony and i was sure we would play that game.

Gerard Piqué

Piqué s optimism came true during a massive tournament for both of them. They were already stars but the world cup took them to another level. Shakira’s Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) and Piqué superb performance with the Spanish national team also helped the relationship grow.

Since then, they have shared a love story that enchanted the world for 12 years. They even had two kids Milan who is 9 years old and Sasha who’s 7.

I am already busy with my 2 sons. They are so restless, it seems like there is 4. Not to mention my obligation related to my career. I have my own life and i am very busy already.


Everything seemed like a fairy tale for the Catalan and the Colombian.

We regret to inform that we are separating for the well-being of our children who are top priority we ask for respect to our privacy thank you for understanding.

Gerard Piqué & Shakira

At this stage, Gerard Piqué And Shakira’s Break-up have been announced. So what triggered this decision? As you may think media started to investigate the reasons right away. The first thing we heard was that Gerard Piqué had an Affair. Now, this is a bit of a strong accusation if you don’t have proof.

But Media Reports went even further and named another Barcelona player’s mother as the third wheel gabby’s MOM. Fans from both icons started to discuss if the rumors were true or if it was just speculation. Did Gerard Piqué have an affair? could Shakira have found him cheating on her?

Gerrard Pique & Suzy Cortez Relationship:

Reason Behind Gerard Piqué And Shakira’s Break-up

To spice things up, another woman claimed that Gerard Piqué sent her Hot messages. Susie Cortez also known as Miss Bum-Bum, assured us that the defender was obsessed with her.

Gerard Piqué And Shakira's Break-up

I was friends with former barcelona president sandro rossell when pk found out he asked for my number and sent me a message.

He sent me straight to my instagram which was deleted every day asking me when i would return to europe and always asking me how big my was and saying he was jealous of my tributes to messi

Susie Cortez

Things got even more complicated for Gerard Piqué but it would be fair to ask ourselves. why didn’t she say something before? Is miss bum-bum telling the truth or just taking benefit from the situation? Maybe that’s the reason behind Gerard Piqué And Shakira’s Break-up.

According to Cortez, she didn’t want to get in the middle of his marriage. I have never said this out of respect for Shakira but now I’m going to tell you everything I know and what happened to me. The less aggressive rumor indicates that there wasn’t an affair at all.

They just broke up because the relationship got worn out by this approach. Gerard Piqué & Shakira will now have to go through a LEGAL PROCESS. if they can’t reach an agreement even though they never got married they will have to discuss the custody of their kids and this is particularly important.

Because Spanish newspaper Marco reported Shakira wishes to leave Barcelona with her kids. According to the source, she doesn’t have family or friends living there so, she would try to move with them to Colombia. None of the sources have confirmed yet the reason behind Gerard Piqué And Shakira’s Break-up.

Moreover, the singer released her newest song which judging by some parts of the lyrics could be dedicated to her now former boyfriend.

By completing you I broke into pieces they warned me but i didn’t listen i realized that yours is false it was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

I congratulate you how well you act your role continues that show suits you well.

Extract from Shakira’s Song

No one except for Shakira can know for sure if the song was written with that intention but it certainly gave the paparazzi something to talk about. Gerard Piqué and Shakira broke up after 12 years together.

Sad news of course although, sometimes can be the wise decision we surely hope it’s for the best will this affect Piqué‘s performances in Barcelona. Should they release a new statement putting an end to the rumors let us know in the comments Gerard Piqué is a legend in Barcelona and Spain’s national team but there’s one former teammate who doesn’t have the best opinion of him lionel Messi. If you wanna know why Kylian Mbappe doesn’t have a girlfriend? check out the link.

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