Stupidly Expensive Things Football Players Own 2022

Stupidly Expensive Things Football Players Own. Football is one of the highest-paid sports and the players receive hundreds of thousands of dollars per week. When these players love a certain thing, they go to the extreme to buy that item. Let’s take a look at some of the players with stupidly expensive purchases.

1: Antoine Griezmann:

when you’re bringing up millions of dollars in ridiculous purchases you can’t forget Antoine Griezmann. I mean come on in 2019 this dude literally signed a 145 million dollar deal and he couldn’t just be the average soccer player in kappa Ferrari Nah this man had to be exclusive so he went out and spent half a million dollars on this.

Expensive Things Football Players Own

Anton caught one of the iciest and rarest watches in the entire world a Rolex rainbow Daytona this masterpiece came with a 36-baguette cut rainbow sapphire bezel and 56 brilliant-cut diamonds but hey 400k for a watch at least that some Antoine could show off.

2: Mario Balotelli:

Mario signed with Man City on a $31 Million deal and for a player as wild as him, that was just too much money in his bank account. So he had to cash out and with that Mario splurge on a $180,000 Maserati and a $250,000 Bentley Continental GT.

The cars themselves were not the stupidly expensive problem. it’s what he did with them. First Mario was a normal law-abiding citizen, following the speed limits and parking in designated spots but eventually, his millions of dollars turned him into a monster.

When Balotelli would pull up in his Bentley or Maserati to restaurants, instead of being respectful he would just drive up and park wherever. He is continuously being charged that his fines racked up a $500,000 and Mario didn’t learn any lessons from this so we kept doing it

It led to his cars being impounded 27 times. Eventually, he was tired of having to pick up his car after every meal. Mario decided the car was the problem so he gave it away to his teammate my friends.

3: Neymar Jr

Neymar was a kid who grew up in the worst conditions. His family was so poor, that they lived in a house with no food and no electricity. If that wasn’t hard enough when Neymar played soccer in the streets every single day neighborhood kids bullied him.

They would make fun of Neymar’s hand-me-down clothes and teeth that his family just couldn’t afford to be better but Neymar didn’t let it bring him down. It only fueled him to make a way out for himself and his family. So he sacrificed everything and dedicated his entire life to becoming one of the greatest soccer players his country’s ever seen.

In 2009, Neymar started signing hundred million dollar deals and went from the ghetto of Sao Paulo to mansions in Rio. In 2019, Neymar spent $14 million on this:

This Mercedes-Benzes helicopter can have 10 passengers and would it really be Neymar’s without his logo on the tail. He also had the entire inside customized to match his favorite superhero Batman.

4: Jérôme Boateng

In 2019, Jerome Boateng decided that his Bentleys and Mercedes just weren’t drawing enough attention so he needed to blow his money another way to grab attention. He knew the guy for the job. He pulled his phone out and called up Gabriel the jeweler and well he got this:

Jerome went out and cops some of the iciest coldest jewelry I’ve ever seen. A custom $100,000 Audemars Piguet with a Diamond Bezel and 30-carat stones. 3 Cuban link chains, all flooded in VVS diamonds.

5: David Beckham

At the time, a company wanted to promote their hair cream as a product for sleek sporty, and smart personas and they felt Beckham was the perfect man for the job but under one condition they needed him to get a very specific haircut so specific that it would cost him $6,000.

And to be honest it doesn’t look like anything my barber can’t do for 30 bucks (:. Beckham thought long and hard about this. After all, it was more than just hair to him it was who he was but his wife saw the deal, that brill cream was offering and forced him to do it.

Later, it paid off literally because Beckham ended up signing with the company on a 4-year $6 million deal. So that one time six thousand dollar investment was worth it.

6: Cristiano Ronaldo (Suiii):

Ronaldo is known to be one of soccer’s greatest players ever not only because he pushes the limits of his body but he pushes the limits of technology too. Ronaldo’s curiosity led him to purchase something that was never worn by any other player a performance-enhancing Mouth Guard.

lately, Ronaldo’s been rocking a mouth guard that actually improves his balance and increases his muscle power. This mouthpiece aligns his jaw perfectly with his skull and chest, and apparently, it helps distribute all of his energy throughout his entire body.

Back in 2010, that’s where Ronaldo started rocking with this $130,000 piece and ever since then this game’s been on another level just look at this you cannot argue with the fact that this might be giving him superpowers now it cost him $130,000.

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