Top 10 Ronaldo’s Most Expensive Purchases

Cristiano ronaldo is a millionare. He earns thousands of dollars per day. Similarly, in order to cash out some money from his bank account, he spends Millions on most expensive items. These are the Top 10 Ronaldo’s Most Expensive purchases that cost more in your life.

1: 500k GMT Master Ice Rollie:

First up is an $800,000 purchase that literally set a world record. While playing for Juventus, Ronaldo got the bag of a lifetime $117 million deal so, he had to buy something crazy and that’s why he hit up his jeweler and copped the most expensive watch in Rolex history.

Ronaldo's Most Expensive purchases

A 500k GMT Master Ice Rollie, completely covered in baguette-cut and honeycomb diamonds, they made his diamond ring and wedding band in comparison. looks like ring pops but $800,000, on one hand, is literally the cheapest thing on this list.

2: Customized Nike Diamond Cleats:

Ronaldo owns something so expensive, that it literally needs 24/7 security and a museum in 2017 Ronaldo was well on his way to winning back to back Ballon D’Ors, and in celebration designer, daniel decided to create something special. He knew Ronaldo just opened up his very own cr7 museum so, he created something one of one customized cr7 Nike cleats.

Would it really be Ronaldo’s if they weren’t icier in a glacier. The cleats were designed to be exclusive and the only other athletes I have heard of with diamonds on their feet are Lebron James and Dwyane wade, which just like Ronaldo’s were completely covered in diamonds and those cost $4 million.

3: Kind Heart For His Fans:

Right after Ronaldo won his third Ballon d’Or. It should have been one of the proudest moments of his life but that’s when he found out some disturbing news. One of his biggest fans was suffering from a rare brain disorder and Ronaldo is a man of the people.

So he sent the family a $100,000 for the boy’s surgery and that donation literally saved the boy’s life. Once the story became a trending topic, Ronaldo fans found out that he’s secretly been saving kids all over the world.

And just a few years later Ronaldo even decided to auction off all five of his Ballon D’Ors to donate his earnings to the make-a-wish foundation and save kids with terminal illnesses combining the surgeries he’s paid for and each ballon d’Or selling for around 700k he spent around three and a half million just taking care of his fans.

4: His Girlfriend’s Ring costs ($872,000):

It’s all been covered up by the hundreds of millions he spent on things like these but before we get to those first we gotta talk about the girl that’s cost Ronaldo 4 million because lately he’s been making around $500,000 a week after taxes and he’s realized that’s way too much money to be iced out alone.

His girl Georgina stuck alongside him through everything and they’ve even started a family so Ronaldo decided it’s time to bless her after he caught her commenting on an Instagram post from cartier right then and there he knew the perfect gift to pop the question this diamond ring is the most expensive engagement ring of any football player ever $872,000 and Georgina was so happy right when she got it she had to drop a post revealing the masterpiece.

Lately Georgina’s been spotted rocking $60,000 paddock Philippe’s, $50,000 diamond bracelets. In 2021, Ronaldo bought her $140,000 custom Louis Vuitton jewelry trunk that’s literally bigger than their kids (: . Georgina’s entire jewelry collection is worth around $4 Million.

5: $12 Million Yacht:

Because whenever she ain’t getting icy she’s getting wet on Ronaldo’s 12 million dollar purchase back in 2020 right after Ronaldo won his second straight series title he just had to splash out literally and he spent over $12 Million on a yacht.

The Yacht has five cabins, six bathrooms, a kitchen, bar, dining room, and whenever Ronaldo needs a quick pump there’s even a full-size gym I mean there’s a reason Ronaldo and his family take so many vacations this yacht’s damn near a mansion on the water but when you’re making almost $2,000 an hour you can afford to live like this.

6: $2 Million Ferrari Monza Sp1:

Ronaldo has one of the most expensive car collections of any athlete ever. Growing up, Ronaldo dreamed of being behind the wheel of his favorite cars. So in 2003 when he went pro, he instantly copped his first car and that was the start of a $30 Million addiction.

Once he started stepping his football game up to a new level his car collection got ridiculous. Rolls Royces, Lambos, Porsches, Mercedes, Bentleys. In early 2021, Ronaldo decided to skip training for an exclusive Ferrari event.

He flew to Italy’s where they dropped something rare for $2 Million and this Ferrari Monza sp1 is so exclusive, you can only buy it if Ferrari lets you so. Ronaldo needed one but there was a problem his teammates got so mad at him for skipping training they damn to refuse to play so a few months after Ronaldo was transferred.

7: $19 Million Bugatti Chiron:

Later, Ronaldo just signed a $72 million deal and set aside $600k for some new whips. A Bentley flying spur and a Lamborghini. So right when the paparazzi saw Ronaldo and these dashing, they made sure their cameras were flashing and when man’s manager saw his addiction of pulling up in new cars.

He was getting so much attention, he literally banned all many players from driving any supercars as long as they’re on the club. So until Penola’s contracts up in two years, his entire $30 Million collection is forced to collect dust.

So I already know he’s mad about his garage’s most prized possession a $19 million, only 10 ever made Bugatti Chiron. It could transform and fly away but 236 miles an hour. It just was not fast enough.

8: $32 Million Custom Golf Stream G650:

Ronaldo set a world record, making a $60 Million purchase. Ronaldo constantly has to travel from country to country and when he found out Messi was flying around in his private jet, Ronaldo just had to do him dirty $32 million, so he went out and caught the most expensive plane of any football player ever.

A custom Golf Stream G650 jet branded with his own cr7 logo. On the inside it has wi-fi, a dining area with microwaves ovens, a refrigerator and to make things even crazier. He also owns the Gulfstream G200 but this time he wanted to save a little money on his rainy day plane so.

He spent just $28 million and Ronaldo’s second one put him alongside athletes like Floyd Mayweather and Michael Jordan. Some of the only athletes with more than one jet but Ronaldo’s used to be in an exclusive category because right after he signed a billion-dollar deal.

What he bought cost so many millions. The only people who have one are him and Donald Trump and now that we’re getting into Ronaldo’s top three most expensive purchases ever.

9: $40 Million Cr7 theme Hotels:

One day, when he traveled to San Sebastian for a game against Sociedad. Ronaldo’s team pulled up to a hotel and when he saw the place, it was love at first sight but instead of just embracing the experience, Ronaldo was actually inspired.

After he got home, they start sketching out designs to create his very own CR7 Themed Hotel and not long after, he had been built in Foonshaw, Lisbon, New York, and Paris. These hotels cost Ronaldo over $40 million each.

In 2003, Ronaldo got a chance to move out, he did cop in an Insane 7,000 square Foot Mansion. It was pretty crazy six bedrooms, and bathrooms, a full-size gym, movie theater, indoor swimming pool, and a jacuzzi.

10: $18 Million L-Shaped Apartment:

Ronaldo bought in the U.S, an 18 million l-shaped Apartment in new york’s trump tower. It’s only 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms but throughout the entire property, there are views of literally everything in new york city. I mean are we really surprised we’re talking about a man who every single year makes a hundred million dollars.

There’s one person who’s helped him become the man he is today. So Ronaldo wanted to celebrate his agent’s big day, making the most expensive purchase of his entire life. In 2015, George Mendes announced that he was finally engaged and Ronaldo could have just been his best man.

He couldn’t just get George a car, house, helicopter or a rocket ship. Ronaldo really went out and spent $50 million for George to have his own island. I gotta quit my job and become a renowned full-time friend (: . If you waa know more about football player rediculous purchases click this link: Stupidly expensive things football players own.

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